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We are a retail food company vertically integrated in plant-based burgers that wants to give people a bite into the future, to show that it can be meat-free, guilt-free and absolutely mouth-watering.

We want to drive the change to shift from animal to plants consumption with as many stores and trucks as possible and let our flavour convince absolutely everyone, human or cow, regardless of age, eating habits and country.

This burger has the juicy potential to become a true peacemaker: it has the seemingly impossible mission of reuniting a diverse community of eaters – vegans, vegetarians and convinced carnivores – at the same table. Together we can make a big difference and make the future a bit greener (with a touch of orange). One burger at a time.


We are a brand made for humans as much as for animals. We are all part of a system, which can be improved and become more sustainable for us, for animals and for the planet.


Being different often scares people, but we have some pretty good reasons for it: our goal is to deliver a product with maximum taste, important nutritional values and minimum environmental impact.


A small burger can make people so much more conscious. It can reduce climate change. It can change the living conditions of animals. But most of all, it can make you change your mind about eating meat.

Long story short: eating meat is a very bad idea for the planet, we are all fully aware of this now and it is useless to go around it.

“If cows were a country, their emissions would be greater than the entire European Union” said Steven Chu. (Go check who he is, we have a character limit). When 1.5 billion cows in the world ruminate, they generate methane >> as methane is a greenhouse gas >> the calculations are quickly made: cows are responsible for 2/3 of the greenhouse gas emissions of the Industry meat system. Apparently it’s their burps the main cause (and not their farts to blame like in the popular imagination).

Now, ruminants were born millions of years ago and were peacefully minding their own business when humans one day woke up and decided to increase their population to 1.5 billion. Of course, cows were never a problem for the environment! Humans are the real problem with their insatiable demand for milk, meat, cheese, farms constructions, transport of animals, fertilizers, water… The list is so long we got hungry. One SAMESAME burger, please!

Our conclusion is that in order to save ourselves from climate change, it is necessary to go to the origin of the problem: CHANGE MEAT. Honestly, we are not even that intelligent, everyone after reading these data would easily come to the same opinion.

We chose to produce a plant-based burger, as we couldn’t invent a low-methan cow.

A burger won’t save the planet, but by choosing alternative meat we will save land, farms, energy, greenhouse gas, climate change, animals life expectations and dreams. Not so bad, hum?

Let’s start slow, with a kitchen and a pretty fancy food truck, which is cheap, convenient and available in different spots. And let’s see how it goes!

What makes a burger a burger?

The alternative protein plant-based burger comes from real food (a mix of pea proteins, bamboo fibres and a touch of magic), but if the aim is to convince carnivores to love the meat produced by plants, it must imitate real meat in every aspect: flavour, taste, consistence, color. And we got to this point, thanks science!

Biting into a SAMESAME Burger is like biting into the future.