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Here we created for you a list of fake news about the plant-based meat, because so many things have been said. But is it all true?

The real name is plant-based meat and not "fake meat".

This meat is not fake for God’s sake! It’s made from plants. Are plants fake? No. It’s no fake meat. End of the story.

Plant-based meat does not have the same protein level of real meat.

True. It has even MORE proteins! 40% for Beyond meat VS only 37% for regular burgers. Moreover, vegetal proteins are better assimilated by humans because they have a higher biological value. Sorry, not sorry meat!

Cows are not killing the planet with their methane-flavoured burps.

The poor are only responsible for 5% of emissions, the rest is up to us.

The list is long...

the copywriter is still searching for others. We’ll keep you posted!

When it comes to sustainability, to love animals and to care about future, kids are more interested than adults. We don’t say that, researches say it. So let’s start a conversation with our 8-9 years old audience about a different meat and our as-much-as-we-can sustainable packaging in a language they can understand. 1,2,3 refrain and recycle!